Capital Couriers History

Capital Couriers was started in 1986 with one driver and seven customers delivering mostly envelopes and small packages. Then some other small delivery services were acquired which also brought along additional customers. Some of these new customers had larger freight which was being delivered by other delivery services. Because we wanted to handle all the shipments of our customers, we added stakebeds and box trucks. These acquisitions opened the door to an expanded range of customers in different industries.

Delivering envelopes and small packages is good business, but the fees for each delivery are small and every $100 of revenue requires processing several pieces of paper. If we were to grow the business manually concentrating on envelopes and small packages we would have had to increase the administrative staff which would add costs and result in mistakes. Therefore, in order to limit staff growth yet accommodate growth in business, a computer system was implemented. The system facilitated pricing jobs, presenting new jobs to dispatching, allowing tracking of each order, and documenting completed orders to create invoicing and produce driver payroll and financial records.

The computer system has been continually upgraded to keep up with the growth of the business. In broad terms the system facilitates the following:

  • a. Quoting new jobs
  • b. Entering Orders
  • c. Dispatching, controlling and tracking work in process
  • d. Providing input to driver payroll and financial records
  • e. Providing customer history and producing management reports on customers and types of freight that have been run.


The system tracks the average of over 350 orders per day which the Company produces. This would not have been possible to track manually without a large increase in staff and an increase in customer service errors which would be caused by a total manual system. This also permits customers to enter orders on-line and get status of their orders on line.

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