Freight Services

Capital Couriers is one of Houston's leading Freight Delivery and Courier services. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We provide same day delivery service for packages, boxes and heavy freight for Texas and the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We also provide delivery service to most major cities in the US.

Why use a delivery service?

Many companies use their own employees such as sales people, secretaries, managers, and warehouse employees to make critical deliveries of material or documents. This takes them away from their own jobs, and can incur other costs such as accidents, fuel costs, lost time and traffic congestion. Also employees may not get the proper receipt and signature for these deliveries. Using the professional drivers of Capital Couriers can prevent these problems from occurring.

Types of Service

  • Hot Shot Delivery--these are deliveries made in 2.5 hours or less. There is also exclusivity--your freight is the only freight on the truck.
  • Regular service, exclusive--delivery is made in standard 4.5 hours and your freight is the only freight on the truck.
  • Regular service--non exclusive--non exclusive--standard 2-4 hour delivery window and there may be other freight on the truck.
  • Scheduled Service--we make pickups on the same day of each week.
  • Intercity/interstate service
  • Shared service--you have only a partial load but want faster service than with LTL freight. We may pick it up today but it will go on the road when we have other freight for that truck.
  • Direct Service--you have only a partial load but want it going direct to the consignee, and in 1.5 hours.
  • Full truck inter-city/interstate


Freight Delivery Services

  • Cars and small pickup trucks
  • Full sized pickup trucks
  • Pickup trucks with pipe racks
  • Medium sized stake bed trucks
  • Large (24 foot) stake bed trucks
  • 40 foot goose neck trailers
  • Tilt bed stake trucks
  • Box trucks--24 foot with powered lift-gates and pallet jacks
  • Tractor trailers--48 foot


Special Work

Routed Carriers

We have drivers who are assigned to customers for special route work. The drivers report to the customers facilities every day and load up goods which are delivered along specified delivery routes. Capital Couriers pays the drivers and makes sure that qualified drivers are to fill the route positions at each customer. However, the drivers take their daily direction from the customer.

Dedicated Service

Is it possible to know exactly when or where you might need deliveries made? We have a solution, obain a driver for your exclusive use. Whether to accommodate daily time changes or the seasonal increases and decreases that your business may experience, this flexible service option is tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Special Driver Credentials

In these days of special security requirements, Capital Couriers has secured TSA (Transportation Security Agency) credentials for its drivers.

  • Airports--we can pick up your shipment and take it to the airline or airfreight company which will ship it for you. Having TSA credentials means that we will not have extended credential checks which could affect our ability to ensure that your shipment makes the scheduled flight
  • Chemical plants and Refineries--we have credentials that permit our drivers to go onto chemical plant and refinery sites without the need for an escort. This greatly expedites the pick up or delivery
  • Ports and Ships--Homeland Security also provides our drivers with TWIC cards which enable access, without escort to other regulated facilities including ports, and vessels. This further increases the value added to you of using Capital Couriers. These are capabilities that only a trucking company with drivers who are willing to extend themselves to study and take the tests can provide.


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