Custom Rate Sheets

Rate sheets for express delivery service companies are very complicated for potential customers to interpret. The systems have to account for distance, weight, truck size and type of service for a variety of customers and their customers. Capital Couriers has developed custom rate schedules for customers which simplify the process and allow the customer to know in advance what the rate will be for a shipment. A further service allows the rate schedule to be entered on the customers account on the internet and allowing the customer to place orders on-line.

How is it possible to make the complex so simple? Capital Couriers rate system uses zip code to zip code as the basis for distance and weight to determine the type of truck to use. The customer usually is shipping from one location (their plant or warehouse) and they have a defined customer base to produce the destination zip codes. Using these parameters, the Company can produce a custom designed rate sheet for a customer and can install it on our computer system which can accessed by the customer over the internet. This takes the guesswork out of the rate setting function and greatly facilitates process of placing delivery orders. Let Capital Couriers set up a custom rate sheet for you and perform your delivery work!

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